Multi/Bespoke Family Office

Bespoke Family Office Services

Traditionally, Family Offices have developed out of a need to provide additional services around a core investment management service.  Today, however, the demands of HNWIs are much more internationally diverse and complex and, as such, the range and scope of services expected of a Family Office have expanded in tandem.  

Indeed, many of the world’s wealthiest families operate comprehensive family offices, reaping the benefits of a high quality support service that often involves close relationship management of the family’s assets.

Whilst beneficial, operating a comprehensive family office can, nevertheless, be very expensive and can often carry inherent risks.  Cavendish Fiduciary is ideally placed to provide family office services to all HNW families who are looking for:

  • true relationship based management of their assets,
  • delivery of a superior quality service,
  • significantly experienced senior staff who have real independence and who can engage with any external parties best suited to the family’s needs.

Multi-Family Office Services

We also recognise that the global nature of a HNW family’s assets mean existing family offices often need to source external expertise to ensure there is consistent and high quality management in place to look after the international elements of the family’s portfolio.

That is why the expertise Cavendish Fiduciary utilises in the provision of its multi-family office service, is also available on a bespoke basis to existing family offices, where assistance may only be required with specific elements of the family’s portfolio.

Please contact either of the following members of our team with any Family Office enquiries:

James Cunningham-Davis – Email:
Lindsay Bracegirdle – Email: