Professional Trustees

Our senior team has significant experience of acting as trustees and with the provision of trustee services.  As a natural addition to Cavendish Fiduciary’s extensive trust service capabilities, we are ideally positioned to operate as professional trustees, either on an individual basis, or in a corporate capacity, through Cavendish Fiduciary (Jersey) Limited.

There are many benefits to having a professional trustee involved in a trust scenario:

  • True independence and objectivity when exercising trustee discretion and where there might be instances of family disputes or conflicts of interest.
  • The expert knowledge of our professionally qualified staff, who have many years of experience working with trusts.
  • Either by appointing Cavendish as a corporate trustee or one of our senior members of staff individually, you enlist the services of seasoned professionals who will devote their full attention to the Trust’s needs, goals and wishes.
  • Availability of Cavendish Fiduciary resources.
  • The peace of mind gained from the above.
  • Continuity of services.  The Provision of uninterrupted services, which is not possible with non professional individual trustees.
  • To support the position of professional trustee, Cavendish Fiduciary offers whatever level of administrative assistance is required by the Trust, from a comprehensive administration service to ad hoc assistance with matters such as financial accounts and tax returns.
  • Due to its independence, Cavendish Fiduciary and its senior staff can liaise with any external professionals required to manage the Trust, or alternatively, where necessary, can introduce experienced professionals who are suitably distanced and impartial.

Please contact either of the following members of our team with any Professional Trustee enquiries:

Lindsay Bracegirdle  – Email:
James Cunningham-Davis – Email: