Trust Formation & Admin Services

There are a number of legal types of trusts. In essence, a trust is a legally binding agreement which transfers the ownership of property from a ‘person’ (the settlor) to another ‘person’ (the trustee) who is thereafter under an obligation to manage the trust’s assets, as per the trust deed, for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

A protector may also be appointed, usually with certain powers of veto over the trustees, as an additional safeguard over the trust’s assets.

The appeal of trusts is that they have a wide range of uses for individuals, families and corporate entities, either on a stand alone basis or as part of a complex structure.

The main uses of a trust include:

  • Commercial or structured finance transactions
  • Estate and tax planning
  • Succession planning
  • Holding of private wealth
  • Asset protection and preservation
  • Retention of family property
  • Minimising the impact of inheritance taxes
  • Avoidance of forced heirship
  • Provision for the needs of children, the elderly or infirm
  • Confidentiality/ anonymity
  • Employee ‘benefit’ schemes
  • Charitable purposes

Due to our impartiality and extensive knowledge in both formulating and overseeing all manner of trust structures,  Cavendish Fiduciary are ideally positioned to act both as trustees and to provide impeccable administration services.  Whether acting in connection with the requirements of individuals, families or corporate entities, our clients can be assured that we will provide a comprehensive range of trust services, tailored to their specific needs.

We provide the following trust services:

  • Administration of all trust forms established in all recognised applicable jurisdictions
  • Full and Bespoke Family Office Services
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Purpose Trusts and Foundations
  • Trusts used as part of corporate planning
  • Trust/Trustee advisory or supervisory roles i.e. Trust Protector
  • Provision of individual or corporate professional trustees
  • Acting as Monitoring and Divestiture Trustees

Please contact either of the following members of our team with any trust enquiries:

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